Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEWater visit)

Hi, this is Si Yuan here .
From this NEWater Plant visit, I have learnt at least 3 things:
1) Water is very difficult to get and ,
2) If we do not conserve water , we may lose our water supply and ,
3) We must be less choosy and learn how to appreciate what we have now and continue to save Gaia .

Also, I have learnt 2 concept from today's visit:
1) In order to make sewage water clean and safe enough to drink, it has to pass through two stages: the ultrafiltration and the micro-filtration. After it passes through those stages , the water is safe enough to drink .
2) To ensure that the water is clean, it goes through the ultra-violet treatment to kill all other bacteria from the water , but the problem is that if the is any dead bacteria that passes through the ultra-violet treatment , the dead bacteria would still be in the water so this treatment is just done to ensure the people that the water is very safe .

1 interesting thing that I have learnt today from the trip would be that the ultra-violet treatment was actually the cheapest item that they have in the factory! I thought that the ultra-violet treatment would be very expensive but to my surprise it is not !

As a student in Singapore, I can save the amount of water that I use everyday. Also, I can reuse the water that were used to mop to water the plants . I can also come out with a keynote presentation on saving water and go to primary schools for talks and tell them that saving water is very important .

That's all that I have to say for now . See you next time!

Lee Si Yuan

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